Four Lessons New Bloggers Can Learn From The Experts


Many full-time professional bloggers not only manage numerous social networking accounts, but also they manage multiple blogs in various niches. These bloggers have figured out a method for keeping on top of all their responsibilities and for being successful at the very complicated, but rewarding job of being a full-time blogger.

So how can new bloggers learn from professional bloggers? Well, new bloggers should try to figure out how professional bloggers do all of this well, and then they should apply those practices to their fresh blogs. Sure, it’s a small way to start out, but everyone, even those professional bloggers, had to start somewhere.

Here are a few things new bloggers can learn from professional bloggers as you put together your new blog.

Stay Organized

Although it’s very hard to tell how organized professional bloggers are, I suspect that if you asked several of them about their routines and how they stay organized, you will learn all about their specific schedules and how they’ve gained control of their lives. This means that you have to have a specific routine that you follow each day, especially if you work from home, as it’s easy to get distracted if you’re not focused. Every day you should devote time to managing aspects of your blog: write quality content, respond to comments, read and comment on other blogs, track down advertising, seek out guest bloggers and guest-blogging opportunities, and work on SEO, among other things.

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Write Top Quality Content

So how do you write top quality content? You’ll notice that professional and expert bloggers write content that is both timely and inspirational. In other words, the best posts and the posts that receive the most traffic are immediately relevant to the issues within the blogging community. They are also inspirational in that they inspire heated discussion and they inspire readers to share these discussions with others; essentially they have the potential to go viral because of how inspirational they truly are.

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Don’t Ignore SEO

As a new blogger, you absolutely must pay attention to SEO tactics. Essentially, using SEO tactics makes your blog look great on search engines, which helps your blog get organic traffic from people who are searching for various keywords. Many professional bloggers devote a lot of time to making their blogs search engine friendly, so it makes sense that new bloggers should too! There’s not enough room here to go over SEO, so be sure to browse the SEO tips here.

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Keep in Touch

Finally, you should notice how professional bloggers are extremely active voices in their blogging communities. You can see how some of your favorite professional bloggers always seem to be everywhere: you see their comments in many different blog posts, you see their guest posts across many different blogs, and you see their social media updates on Facebook and Twitter. Not only do they stay active, they also stay in touch. This means that they work to develop relationships with others in their blogging communities. Take a page from their book and do the same. Reach out to others within the community and see if you can begin to establish yourself as an active member as well. With this activity will come respect and credibility, and this will help you get more traffic to your blog.

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