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Previously we had told you about the Gtalk extension for Google chrome that allows you to use Google talk inside the browser with the small icon fixed at the top address bar. You don’t have to install any standalone application on your computer for talking with your friends on gtalk, just use this Gtalk add-on for Firefox and use the chat with in Firefox sidebar.

Installing the standalone application such as Gtalk on computer, laptop may not be interested by many people, also to use the chat services from Google, they need to open the Gmail interface on a tab, so that they can use the in-built Gmail chat for talking with friends. To avoid both this, you can simply install the Gtalk add-on for Firefox on the go, sits in the Firefox sidebar, open it when ever necessary and use it.

gTalk Sidebar add-on for Firefox lets you to chat with your friends from with in the Firefox browser. You can chat, voice call, video chat and also do group chat with your friends. Simply install the add-on in your Firefox and sign into chat to talk with friends.

Once you’ve installed the extension, you need to hit ALT+G to get the gTalk Sidebar on your Firefox browser.

Download gTalk Sidebar for Firefox

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