Facebook keyboard shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts will help you to navigate the page faster. Below are the list of keyboard shortcuts for Facebook that allows you to navigate easier through your Facebook profile. If you’re using IE or Google chrome, then you can straightly use these keyboard shortcuts. If you’re using Firefox, then you need to hold SHIFT key along with the keyboard shortcuts.

Alt+1 – will take you to the Home menu.
Alt+2 – will take you to the Wall menu.
Alt+3 – will display the Friends Request List
Alt+4 – will show the Messages list.
Alt+5 – will display the Notification list.
Alt+6 – will display the Facebook Account settings page.
Alt+7 – will show the Facebook Account privacy config menu.
Alt+8 – will show the Facebook fans group list.
Alt+9 – will display the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.
Alt+0 – will show the Facebook Help Center.
Alt+m – will allow you to create a new message.
Alt+? – will enable the cursor in the Search field

If you’re using Firefox then it should be like SHIFT+ALT+1 and goes on.. via

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