Download AVG AntiVirusFree app for Android Tablets


If you’re planning to get one Android device, then check out our Android device buying guide and also if you already own one, then security is one of the important aspect you should consider. It’s not that, virus or torjan don’t affect android tablets devices, Already we had told you about Kaspersky offering security suite to Android devices , Now following that AVG is offering their AntivirusFree for Android tablets with a new name ” AVG Mobilation for Android ”

AntiVirusFree app for Android tablets can scan all your media files, music, apps before downloading them from market or internet and gives you a confidence that you don’t download any virus programs. Also it gives real time protection from viruses with easy one click.

It can also locate lost or stolen tablets remotely and you can remove the important information before something happens seriously. You can also backup everything to SD card. backups occur automatically at scheduled intervals

Download AVG AntiVirusFree app for Android Tablets – AVG Mobilation for Android

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