Create, Play Puzzle Online for Free with Jigsaw Planet


Puzzles are really a good fun game to wake up your sleeping brain and make them active in which patience and cleverness allows the player to rearrange the missing pieces to the position and complete the game with proper position. You can play these puzzle games online for free. One such site that offers free puzzle games is Jigsaw Planet.

Jigsaw Planet is an simple online application based on java applet that can take an image and break it down to pieces at random and that makes users to form the original picture in a kind of puzzle.

Once you hit the Jigsaw planet, you can see various puzzles listed with the number of pieces in the particular puzzle to be divided. You can select any of them and you will find them shattered randomly where you need to fit them in correct position. For instant help, you can select the image and keep it beside you for checking out.

You can simply click the left mouse button, hold the puzzle piece and move around to fit in the correct position. Rotating is only possible if it is allowed by the author of the puzzle, else you need to hold the left mouse button and move around for searching the exact place to fit in.

Jigsaw Planet

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