Computer Automation Tool, Schedule Reminders with Schedule Manager


Scheduling some daily tasks or reptitive works on your computer will save some time. Say for example, shutting down or restarting at specific time automatically or taking screenshots at certain time period or other tasks such as downloading a file, opening a website and many more. So with the help of computer automation tool we can easily schedule reminders and get the work done easier.

Schedule Manager is a freeware that lets you to schedule your daily routine and perform various tasks such as auto restarting, auto shut down in Windows 7, vista and XP. With Schedule manager, you can set reminders as well as sound alarms such as happy birthday, wedding, alarm and customize sounds etc.

Also Schedule manager offers flexibility when it comes to timing – weekly basis, daily basis and hourly basis. So, the schedule manager program is a free software that comes both as standalone application and portable app. So install and run it, add the schedule task, set the action such as alert, shutdown, restart, take screeshot, download a file, open a website and many more.

Once you’ve done with the task, select the time and date and also customize with sound alerts. You have package of sound files or you can customize with your own sound files.

Download Schedule Manager for Windows

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