Bulk Photo Resizer with PhotoRazor


When you take photos with mordern digital cameras which has got high megapixels, then the photo size will be high too. It is great for high quality printing, but if you’re going to attach in emails or upload it to some image hosting site, then reducing the size of the image without losing the pixel quality is the key.

PhotoRazor is a free tool that allows you to reduce the file size of the image and at the same time takes care of pixel quality of the image. The special feature of PhotoRazor is, it saves the smaller resized copies to a separate folder, ensuring your precious original photographs are kept safe and untouched.

  • Very easy to use – resize whole folders of photos at the click of a button
  • Ideal for creating small high quality copies of your large photos for email or showing on your website
  • Realtime preview – adjust the size & quality and see the result before processing, a real time saver
  • Non-destructive – saves the small photos to a separate folder so your originals remain untouched

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