Block, Remove Facebook Quiz from your News Feed with FB Purity


Facebook quiz applications are really annoying to me. Not only Facebook quiz apps, but also this spam messages such as ” I liked whoo blah blah and stuff ” which are spreading virally on facebook. You can block all this with the help of single extension for Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

F.B. (Fluff Busting) Purity is an anti spam, facebook tool, in the form of a browser addon that alters your facebook homepage to show only the most relevant information to you, by filtering out the annoying and irrelevant messages in your news feed / stream, such as application spam etc, and also giving you the option to hide the boxes you dont want to see on the right hand side of the homepage.

It automatically hides application messages and also lets you hide messages like “Became a friend of”,”Joined a group”,”Became a fan of”,”Is attending event” type messages, which are referred to as “Extras”. Here is the list of options that FBP gives you to hide in Facebook : Became friends with, Liked page (became a fan), Joined a group, Attending an event, Changed profile picture, Changed relationship, Tagged in, likes or commented on photo, Commented on or likes link, Commented on group wall and many more.

Once you’ve installed the extension for your browser ( it supports chrome, opera and Firefox ) so once you’ve installed, log into your Facebook account, you can see the FB Purity : hide apps : show options below the status update text box ( refer below picture )

You can direclty block all the apps from news feed with single click. Just move hover your mouse, it shows BA, WA options. BA means block applications, WA means whitelist apps that you want to appear on your stream.

Apart from that, to use more settings on F.B purity addon, you need to click the F.B Purity Link below the status update text box that will pop up more options to you. check out the below image for the options page.

F.B Purity Features :

  • Change the Font Size on Facebook
  • Application Whitelist ( you can whitelist some annoying apps )
  • Blacklist whatever you don’t need
  • Custom Text Filter ( hide posts that feature specific words or phrases )
  • Right side box customization ( hide anything on your right side on Facebook )
  • Block Applications Directly From Your News Stream
  • Restore Facebook’s old Comment system, where pressing Enter or Return adds a new line
  • Delete Friend Request Button
  • Watch Youtube Videos Full Screen

Install F.B Purity [ Browser Extension ]

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