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YouTube is one of the best online video streaming websites from Google. There are many interesting facts about YouTube such as an average person spends more than 15 minutes per day on YouTube. 10% of the internet traffic and many more. You can check out the list of interesting facts and infographic on YouTube. Apart from this, people make lot of money with YouTube ads which can be seen below when the video is played and also to get the most about of YouTube, to watch videos on YouTube comfortably, YouTube has introduced YouTube leanback and here are few chrome extensions that lets you to watch YouTube videos with more comfort. Here I have compiled list of YouTube chrome extensions that helps you to watch videos without hassle.

Preview YouTube video Thumbnail

You can Preview Youtube videos in thumbnail view before clicking them and viewing it fully. this helps you to get an overview of the video before you waste time watching it fully. Most of the online streaming sites have this feature, but YouTube lacks it.

Cinema Effects in YouTube

Turn off the lights and watch the YouTube video like you watch in on theaters. One of the best extensions to get the video experience when you watch HD videos.

Window Expander to Full Screen

If you have a dual monitor setup, then this extension is very useful to you. Normally when you expand the YouTube video to full screen, it expands only upto a browser window size and not to the full screen, so obviously when you have dual monitor setup and want to view it on both the monitors, then this extension lets you to expand to the full screen.

YouTube videos in HD format

Just lets you to watch the YouTube videos in HD format by default. if the uploader failed to upload videos in HD, then it will play to the maximum resolution of the video. More customization available.

Get notified when new video uploaded

When ever a new video is uploaded by the subscriber or your subscribed channels, you will be notified instantly on the browser top with a small red alert icon. Using this extension allows you not to miss any of your favorite subscribed channels and videos.

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List of Useful Chrome extensions

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  2. EB says:

    I think the YouTube SmartSearch extension deserves a place on this list as well

  3. Marco says:

    And what about the YouVid extension? You can download YouTube videos in Google Chrome with that:

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