Best Website Optimization Tool Page Speed for Chrome Launched


Website speed determines the ranking of a website on Google search engine. So already we had told you about how to reduce the website page load time and check the speed of the blog. So, now how to check the speed of your blog or website ?

Page Speed extension for Chrome extension integrates with the built-in developer tools in Chrome and enables users to measure a number of performance metrics and also get suggestions for ways they can optimize the page to cut down on load times.

After being available only to Firefox users for the past couple of years, Page Speed has arrived for Google Chrome. Google Chrome users can get Page Speed performance suggestions to make their sites faster, right inside the Chrome browser.

Once you’ve installed the Page speed for Chrome extension, simply run on your website or blog and find out what are all the possibilities that you can alter in your website or blog to reduce the page load time. It will suggest options such as combining external javascripts, optimizing images and many more because these are the factors that makes your page load time high.

If you’re wondering what are all the list of factors that increases your page load time ? then check out the article here that explains the factors that increases your website page load time.

Download Page Speed for Google Chrome

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  1. Arun says:

    Great tool… help us to load heavy website with good speed…

  2. Excellent article my friend. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for for quite a time now…

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