Best Chrome Shopping Extensions


We had already discussed about the best online shopping websites such as bestbuy, eBay and many more. Also we had told you where to buy James bond style gadgets online such as spy cameras, digital spy watches etc. Apart from it, the main thing people look when shopping online is for coupon codes and discount offers. So here are few chrome extensions that are must install before you do an online shopping.

Before we look into the list of Chrome shopping extensions, here are few things you should bookmark or read it. Hope these things would help you in Online shopping.

Coupon Code Finder :

This Chrome extension helps you to find the coupon codes of more than 1000+ online shopping sites. Just install it and before adding the products into the shopping cart, just hit the extension, put the store name and check out the coupon codes and offers the specific store offers.

Automatic Coupon Code Finder :

This one is completely automatic. It saves you money by automatically finding coupons for items in your online shopping cart. When you visit an online retailer the extension will automatically find all the coupons for that website and conveniently presents them to you.

Ookong for Amazon :

Ookong for Amazon lets you to search Amazon with 1-Click, check price history of millions of products, and get price drop alerts for items in your Follow List. Just search for the item, add to the follow list and get price drop notification. You can also sync the Follow list among different computers via options page.

Bonus :

Normally at online shopping sites, there will be different currency meters. For example, if you shop online through an U.S online shopping site, then all the products will be listed and priced in US dollars, similarly when you shop in an Japanese shopping sites then it will be priced in Yen, so to quickly calculate in your home currency like for example Indian currency INR, then this extension will automatically convert the currency in the page in to selected currency.

Chrome Chrome Currency Converter automatically convert prices in page to the selected currency using the current exchange rates. It supports more than 38 currencies, currency rates are automatically updated every hour.

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  1. john says:

    Please check new “eBay Window” chrome extension.
    It allows you search and view eBay products from a single window.
    It was developed for personal shopping use, so it was developed to be as easy as possible

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