Best Android eBook Readers


Android smartphone does all the smart jobs right from basic feature of viewing a webpage, cloud printing on android, playing high graphic games and lot more. One of the best features on Android device is, reading eBooks. I know, many of the smartphones out there support reading eBooks, but Android does it in slightly different way. If you’re planning to read eBooks on your android devices, then here are few best android eBook readers.

Kindle for Android :

We have already told you that for reading a Kindle eBook, you don’t need a kindle device. Just install the free reading app for kindle on anything such as PC, iPhone and similarly on Android too. Just install free kindle reading app on your android device and start enjoy reading all the kindle eBooks.

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Aldiko :

Aldiko offers free ebooks where you can browse and download thousands of Free classics and modern works and read them on your Android devices. One click access from home screen, Aldiko will resume the book right where you left it the last time.

It also offers fully customizable, night time reading, easy navigation, search dictionary or wikipedia while reading the book. Aldiko supports the most popular eBook formats ePub and PDF, as well as Adobe eBook DRM technology. You can bring your own books and documents to Aldiko and import your own content.

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  1. B. Wenzler says:

    How do you bring your own books to Aldiko and import your own content? Does that mean a book you already own and don’t have to pay again to get it on your android device?

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