Battery Saving Tips for Longer Battery Life on Android Mobile Phone


Android devices seriously lacks battery life. I personally own an android device and it gives a decent battery backup and many android phone owners feel their phone doesn’t give decent battery backup. Here are some few personal tips to keep your android phone battery backup for a longer time. Simple tweaks in your android phone can maximize Android battery life. Here are few which you need to take care of :

Turn off FM radio when not in use

Turn off 3G when you’re not using

If you’re at home use WiFi

Off GPS when you’re not using Maps

Vibration uses more battery, so turn off when you actually don’t require

Never use Third party task managers.

The default task killers in android is the best

Kill background running apps when you donot require actually

Juicedefender app – best battery manager for android that improves battery life behind the scenes by intelligently managing the battery-draining components of your phone.

If you want to save few more hours of battery, then don’t use Live wallpapers on Android

Always Keep Short timeout for screen

Reduce brightness when you need some more battery hours ( I use this at emergency situation where I need to survive for few more hours with android )

Your flash LED uses battery more than any other process

Keeping your emails and other stuff such as contacts with gmail in auto sync will drain your battery soon

Trickle charging kernels for Rooted devices.

These are some tips which I felt which may increase the battery life of android devices. If you have some more tips, feel free to use the comment section.

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  1. Ajit RM says:

    Thanks for these tips.

    I was not aware of auto sync also drain battery.

  2. naga says:

    can pu plz tell me abt auto-sync…….
    tell me whether should i disabl or enabl dat feature


  3. noob says:

    great advice really helped

  4. vijayendra says:

    How to turn off 3G services. I have an Idea connection on my Samsung Galaxy 3.

    • If you don’t find option to switch off the data connection in the notification bar panel, then press and hold the power/lock button on the right side of the phone to bring up the “Phone Options” window. You can disable data connections here.

      • vijayendra says:

        Thanks. That’s a great tip.

        However, I must add that Samsung Galaxy 3, by default, as Android 2.1 and the ‘Data Connections’ option is available only after you upgrade your phone to 2.2 (which I did last week).

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