Access Google Calendar Offline, desktop alert for Google Calendar with GMinder


Google Calendar is one of the best online scheduler and reminder ofcourse. You can always sync it with your Google account and many other products of Google. We had also told you about Google Calendar alternatives, Google Calendar extension for Chrome and also its desktop reminder for Calendar events.

With GMinder free tool you bring your Google calendar offline to your desktop with alert reminders and many more. GMinder is a reminder program that waits in your system tray and alerts you when you have an upcoming Google Calendar event. GMinder supports multiple calendars and allows you to configure how you want to be alerted. Since it downloads your events, it works offline and enables you to preview your agenda of events.

From the desktop interface itself you can add new events to your Google calendar. Use the Quick Add feature to add new events to Google calendar. You can also Right-click on the tray icon and select Add Event to add an event directly to your Google Calendar.

Read more about the GMinder and there are lot of customization options available

Download GMinder [Direct Download]

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