8 Things You Want To Know About Firefox 4


Firefox 4 has just released and here is the 8 new features I like to show you in Firefox 4

1. Appearance:

There are various improvements in Firefox 4 in terms of appearance. Tabs are now on the top
(Inspired from Google Chrome)

Status bar is now removed and is replaced by the optional add on bar which can be hidden by the keyboard shortcut CTRL+/.

Your favorite pages can now be pinned as app tab.

Firefox 4 still lacks one more thing in its appearance. Removing search bar from the address bar. If you are concerned about it install Omnibar Firefox add on.

2. Firefox Sync:

This was an add on till Firefox 3.6. Now it become the integral part of the browser. Like Google chrome and opera you can just sync your passwords and opened tabs without installing any add ons.

3. Panorama:

Panorama or Tab candy is the most revoutionised feature in Firefox 4. This makes sure you can just group your tabs and make few tabs active at the same time, even though you have opened many tabs at that time.

An Introduction to Firefox’s Tab Candy

4. New Menu button or App Button:

Firefox 4 now hides its old menu bar by default and shows you a app button like in Microsoft office and Opera browser with compact menus.

Press ‘ALT’ to enable old menu bar.

If you don’t like color of the app button you can install app button color firefox add on to change the color of App button or use app button clear firefox add on to make the app button appear transparent or if you don’t like the button as a whole, install App button remove Firefox add on which hides App button.

5. New Add on Manager:

Now add on manager opens in new tab rather than new window.

You can also open add on manager by typing about:addons in the address bar and by using CTRL+SHIFT+A keyboard shortcut. Also add ons now update automatically.

6. Restartless Firefox add ons:

Restartless add ons is one of the important feature I like the best in Google Chrome. Now in Firefox 4 mozilla team has integrated restartless add on sdk(Jetpack) with it. Jetpack was once started as an add on and is now integrated with the browser in Firefox 4.

You can get the restartless add ons from here. Since the add on SDK is in beta phase, only few add ons have created restartless. Once the final version of this sdk released, we can expect all the add ons to become restartless!!

7. HTML5 support:

Firefox 4 now supports HTML5 and is 88% compatible(source). With the support of HTML5, users can now install web applications in Firefox4.

8. Performance:

Firefox 4 gets a new Javascript engine called Jager Monkey which makes javascript pages to load faster than usual.

What are you waiting for? Get your seatbelts ready and upgrade to Firefox 4 for faster and smarter performance. Am I missing anything about Firefox 4? Share it in comments!!

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