7 Best Google labs features


Unlike any other email clients, Gmail offers much more than any other mail clients, all thanks to the Google Labs initiative which ensure that you get all the beta applications which are developed by various other users so that we can further optimize the mail according to our needs and requirements rather than waiting for the mail client itself to come out with the much needed options. So, let’s check out what are the options or the Lab features enables you to empower with your Gmail account.

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Inserting Images:

While writing a mail, you may sometimes require to insert the images in the message body, by default you cannot insert the images but you can very well attach the image as the attachment but unless and until you don’t enable this option of “Inserting Images” from the Google Labs you will not be able to add the images in the message body.

Undo Send:

Many times it happens that we mistakenly press on the Send button and the mail gets sent, sometimes mistakenly and sometimes it may be an incomplete mail. So, now with a feature called “Undo Send” you can actually pull back mail from the sent way or the path. It actually works in a very simple way, actually when you send any mail, after enabling this feature the mail will be in buffer for 5 seconds, so you have 5 seconds of time within which you can click on the Undo button to cancel the sending of the mail. And trust me this is very best feature in the Gmail apps and sometime this option proves to be very useful.

Pictures and Video Chat Enhancements:

With the help of video chat enhancement, it basically enables the new features in the Gmail Voice along with the Video chat including the optimizations in the higher resolution and also the bigger window size enables the better viewing experience. With the help of pictures in chat, you can display the profile pictures as well as the user photos to the other users of the Gmail.

Gmail Offline:

By enabling the Gmail offline feature in the Google Labs you can get an offline access to your Gmail account including the messages in the inbox and also most of the other aspects for your Gmail account. So, when you connect to the internet it will automatically upgrade the account automatically and the new mails will be loaded automatically just after refresh. This feature too can be enabled from the Gmail Labs.

Green Robot:

If you are having an Android and wish to show your chat buddies that you are via Android then all you need to enable is this function from the Google Labs which will help them determine whether if you are chatting from and Android phone or from your computer. This feature will be very useful for those who want to show that they are currently not on desk or away from the desk computer.

Inbox Preview

As soon as we login to our Gmail, it takes few seconds to actually show up the Gmail account, so to see the Gmail account statically you just need to enable the plugin called Inbox Preview with which you can easily preview the Gmail inbox while the actual Gmail loads as shown in the above image

Unread Message Icon

In an age of multiple tabs we would like to make it a smarter tab rather than increased tabs. So, with the help of “unread message icon” add on, you can see an unread message icon count with a small number of unread mail count which is shown in the above image. This lab feature works with Firefox, Chrome and also on Opera.
Please note that all the above features can be activated by going into the “Settings” and then choose “Labs” option to enable the appropriate Labs option.

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