5 Tips to Write About Us or About Me Page


First let me be clear with the title. If you’re going to tell about an an organization or group activity, then you can describe it in About Us page such as company’s description. If it is going to be a one man show, sole-proprietorship or a person’s individual description, then it can be About Me page.

One of the difficult tasks is presenting yourself to others that who you are and what you are doing. The About Us or About Me page is the best place to portray that to your readers/visitors.

You will find writing the About US or About Me page with these simple and important tips can help you to let others know about you.

Here are those,

Be truthful and real :

What you must write is the truth about you, who you are, and why you are here and your interest areas. This way you will let the readers know things about you, remember this information can help you getting enough readers and followers for your site. Also let the readers know of your personality and character, this will show them what kind of person you are.

Ask and answer :

Answer the following questions in the page, which will not take more than 10 minutes for you. Do remember to give your honest answers in brief.

Some of the questions that you will be answering will include:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I blogging?
  • What am I most well known for?
  • What was my recent success?
  • What is my professional background, both education and job work experience?
  • What are my earlier publications?
  • Write in First person :

    This will depend on whether you are writing a About Me page or an About Us page. This means that when you write an About Me page then the use of first person is much recommended, while writing an About Us page, you will most probably will be telling about your organization, their history and much more so there is no need to use in first person.

    Personalize your about me or about us page :

    Make this page friendlier by personalizing the page as this will encourage more trust and will invite more readers/followers for your blog. Some of the small things that you can add to make your About Us or Me page friendly will include:

  • Adding a photo of you, get the best picture out of you out.
  • Use your own name and not a nickname unless required.
  • Write by thinking that you are writing for someone else, and so you will write what is expected by the reader and not in your own shoes.
  • Keep the details accurate to make yourself feel worthy.
  • Be professional :

    Though you need to be yourself and personalize the ultimate things, you have to write things professional as well. Tell more about your profession and your interests which the readers and writers can expect in your site. If you are writing for the organization then write more about the history and the developments of the organization.

    Why don’t you try writing down a stunning About me or US page now using these Tips?

    About Page and Contact page are most essential for a website or blog. Hope above tips will be helpful to write on the About Page, if you’re looking to optimize your Contact page, then here are few tips to Optimize your Contact Forms.

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