4 Comment Provoking Strategies To Set Your Blog on Fire


When you are making a public speech, you hope for feedback or at least a round of applause to show that people are understanding your message. It’s the same with interactions online on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and more prominent now, personal blogs. Blogs provide a way for individuals to express their ideas to their readers and sometimes to stir up some kind of discussion within their blog or inform people of cool new trends.

However, whatever your blog is about, it wouldn’t matter if the content of your blog doesn’t get a response (think crickets in the background after your speech). It is time to consider the following strategies to set your blog on fire:

Don’t force ideas to post :

This one should be easy for bloggers to do. Blog about something you are passionate about and that is uniquely different from what other bloggers might be talking about. Your readers can easily tell if you are only trying to squeeze a post in your blog just to mindlessly write about something. Instead, write about what you are inspired by or really fond of at the moment. Better an insightful post once a week than basic observations everyday. If you hit a bloggers block and can’t think of a topic to write about, perhaps utilize Stumble Upon for great ideas to share on your blog. Blogging is also not just about writing, you could also post beautiful pictures up occasionally to show your readers that you are taking a break from posting paragraphs, but you are still here engaging your readers.

Ask for thoughts or questions :

Perhaps you haven’t been getting any comments on your posts because you simply haven’t asked your readers to do so yet. This is the same as in a real life situation: someone jabbers away and doesn’t seem to care about what your opinion is for the subject of conversation. This perspective can be applied to your blog. Simply just lay out your idea in your post and in the end ask them to share their thoughts with you and everybody else. Something as simple as “What do you think of (this topic)?” or “Do you agree or disagree? Share your thoughts below” would suffice as encouragement for feedback.

Take a look at your blog layout :

Have you taken a step back to look at your blog layout? It might be easy for you to navigate around your blog page but this is because you are the writer and get to see your blog dashboard. Take a moment and see how easy it is for your audience to find the comments and the login links. Are your posts drowning in a huge mess of advertisements? Add personality or originality to your layout so that it is a fresh look in comparison to other blog pages. Make sure you have some kind of header or headlines so it communicates right away to readers what to expect from your page as this is the first thing they see on your blog.

Market your blog the free way :

Not all bloggers out there own an online store that they need to market for, but if you want people to even know you own a blog you should probably spread the word. In this case, spread your link on Facebook or tweet about your latest post, send out invitation emails to invite your close friends to read your blog. Utilize what are given to you as free tools and let people know that you want your blog to be seen. Remember to add “tags” to your blog so people could easily search these keywords that will link to your blog.

Remember to be yourself, and in order to get what you want from your readers, you need to give first!

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