WWF, a format that can not be printed


WWF is a new type of format that doesn’t allow you to take print out. The print option is completely blocked because to help create a new awareness about the use of paper, which is created by cutting down the trees. So the WWF format is eco-friendly.

Save as WWF tool helps you to protect the enviornment by blocking the print option in your computer. When you give print in your word file, it saves the document as a WWF format or something similar to PDF format which can be opened in most of the programs that can open PDF files.

Once you’ve installed the software, you can see “SAVE AS WWF” option in the print menu. Just install the software, select this option and the document is saved in WWF format.


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  1. Robin says:

    Appears good one bro. Just a correction in the first passage “dress” “trees”.

  2. Hi, nice to know about this new file format, usually we are getting more and more technology friendly and like to see the docs on pc, phone or even the new ipad; these are replacing the traditional hard paper copies. WWF will sure have some good impact on saving paper. LOL, first I thought you wrote something about World Wrestling Federation! thanks!

  3. First, it is broken. You can print a .wwf by unlocking it online or by using a tool. Second, you can also generate a .wwf by standard onboard stuff (e.g. OpenOffice, PDFtk), even on a vanilla Mac. Third, the drivers are horribly made. If you need your computer, don’t install them. Fourth, they are violating other persons IP (“Skim”). Nice going.

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