Tweet longer than 140 Characters with Tweetdeck’s


Tweet more than 140 is the magic key here. Twitter has a limit of tweeting only 140 characters. You cannot tweet more than that. But certain services are already on the web that provides you free tweeting longer than 140 characters. We have also told you about such services in the past – ref : 3 Tools to send more than 140 characters. Adding to it, here is one more service from the well known twitter client Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck is one of most popular twitter client that allows you to tweet and also you can integrate your myspace, facebook, Google buzz, Foursquare account to it. We have told 5 Reasons to use tweetdeck, now adding to the features of Tweetdeck, Tweetdeck has officially introduced a new tool named ‘’ that allows you to post Tweets longer than 140 characters. is a simple web app that works similar to other tweet longer services on the web. If you post more than 140 characters, it shortens with the small link to the tweet, where the link provides the full tweet such as paragraph or multiple images, videos or whatever you tweet it.

Check out the test tweet or post from a tweeter @ConradOldcorn , you can try out

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