Top 5 Best Fun Photo Effects Tools


We always love to play with Photo effects such as changing the color of the original photos, adding bubbles, mask, fun elements to the photos and many more. On the past we had covered alot of Photo editing tools both online tools as well as desktop editing tools. Here is the best list of Photo editing tools to add fun effects to your photos.

FunFacer : Make Fun with Your Own Face

FunFacer is a website used for creating funny images, caricatures using your own picture. Once you’ve uploaded your photo, you will have to cut the picture by adjusting to the different frames offered to you and add extras, if you want add-ons like a hair or facial expressions.

Framed iPhone app :

Framed! is an easy to use application for iPhone/iPod touch that allows you to do fun things with your photos. Drop your photo into a series of 34 great scenes such as a wanted poster, taxi billboard, TV, picture frame and more. Add your own text as well.

Add Mustache on Photo Faces :

It adds mustache on faces of pictures. You can simply point out any picture on the web by just pasting their image URL and it will automatically detect the face on the picture and it will add mustache on the photo face.

Turn Your Face Into a Cartoon :

We have discussed around 5 tools to turn your face into cartoon animated character, Just upload your photo, play with some settings and get a cartoonized way of your photo to brand yourself by displaying the avatar on your online profiles.

Fun Photo Effects, Collages, Retouch photos :

Fun Photo Box is a tiny app that allows you to create best photo effects, gif animations easily. You can do face effects, photo effects, animations, Face in hole effects, girls holding your photo effects etc.

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