Stop Redistribution illegally, Protect Copying CD, DVD Before Piracy with Copy Protect


Suppose if you have some important information on CD , DVD that you don’t want to get copied or cloned by others, then protecting them is mainly important. For example, you can create an image from your disk. So what does this copyprotect software do ? How does it help you ?

Copy protect is a useful tool to protect against copying CDs and DVDs where you’ve stored some important secret information. Sometimes, you may have stored your music album which you don’t want to get redistrubed illegally, so copy protect does the job here.

The program supports most audio, video, document and picture file formats. Copy Protect works by converting your media files into executable applications that run only in the drive they are made for. A copy protected file is useless and won’t run if copied and executed from another drive or computer, thus preventing illegal distribution. Copy Protect applies hard-core patent pending technology which ensures complete copy protection of your files.

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  1. nuxvomi says:

    This software protects to an extent to play only in a computer. Protected materials will never play in a standalone dvd players.

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