Remove Unwanted Toolbars, Applications in Bulk with PC Decrapifier


Suppose if you’ve bought a new computer, it normally comes with some crapware that does nothing but sits on your computer and annoy you. Also you might have noticed that toolbars in browser such as Internet explorer and Firefox are annoying by covering almost browser window and difficult to visit webpages. It also eats some space and makes your browser very slow.

How to remove those annoying crap toolbars and worthless softwares. For example, Dell Search Assistant, AOL toolbar, Google earth toolbar, Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, trail version of softwares that comes up with the new PC, Yahoo! Toolbar for Internet Explorer, Yahoo! Music Jukebox and many more.

PC Decrapifier is a program that scans your computer for unwanted softwares and helps you to trash them at a stroke. PC Decrapifier doesn’t need any installations. You can just run them once you’ve downloaded. It works with USB devices too. Once you run the decrapifier, it shows the list of unwanted softwares and annoying toolbars that are worthless, you can simply hit next button and uninstall them at one stroke.

It works with all versions of Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista. PC Decrapifier is 100% free for personal use. Also read : 5 Must do’s on a new computer.

Download PC Decrapifier

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