Record Your Desktop with Kazam Screencaster


Screen capturing softwares allows you to record your desktop and create a video from it. On the past, we had already talked about many free video recording softwares for Windows and also Screen capturing browser addons for Firefox, Chrome are also been discussed. Check out some of the browser addons for screen capturing on Google chrome, Firefox and also desktop tools such as ZScreen, Snapit, etc.

Kazam is an open source screencaster software for Linux that allows the recording of the desktop to create screencast in a simple and powerful. Kazam is easy to use, fast and clean and friendly interface.

With Kazam you can upload your recordings directly to Youtube Grabber or management directly in the notification bar Ubuntu. To install Kazam on your linux machine ,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:and471/kazam-daily-builds sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kazam

Download Kazam Screencaster

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  1. Naren Dran says:

    BB FlashBack Pro Recorder itz also working

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