Read Amazon Kindle Books on PC with Free Kindle Reading Apps


We have already told you that you can Loan a Amazon Kindle book for reading and also there isn’t neccessary that you must have an Amazon Kindle to read the kindle books, you can read kindle books from anywhere using their free kindle reading apps.

Download and read kindle books – no Kindle required. There are over 810,000 Kindle books available on the kindle store, you can read them without kindle by installing their free kindle reading apps for PC, iPhone, Mac, Blackberry, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed. You can view the list of books in your Amazon kindle shelf. I have just installed the free kindle reading app for PC. So once installed, it shows me the list of books and also it helps you to manage your kindle, you can bookmark, you can backup annotations, search, shop in kindle store and many more.

Download Free Kindle Reading Apps

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  1. I love my Kindle – it’s ideal for me as I travel so much due to my work.

    There’s no shortage of free apps to let you read Kindle books on other devices – as you pointed out in your very informative post. Even if my Kindle melted tomorrow I would still have access to my growing library of e-books.


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