Print Favorite Tweet on a Ring and Gift Your Valentine with Tweet Rings


Valentine’s day is coming up in few days and here is an smart idea if you and your valentine are on twitter. You can select a particular tweet, say your favorite tweet and print them on a ring and present it to your valentine. How is the idea ? Now there is a service that lets you to do the job.

Tweet Rings is a simple service that lets you to print your favourite tweet wrapped around your fingers. All you need to do is, Select a twitter message, or create your own text. For example, put the tweet on one side, and on the other the sender, date and time. Or perhaps your personal motto on both sides. Anything is possible, within the 140 characters of a twitter message. The 140 characters are super sharp engraved on both sides of your ring. Wear it always, or give it to somebody special.

The Tweet Rings comes in three versions: steel, titanium and silver, from 79 euros. There is a guaranteed 30 day return policy and your tweet-ring is delivered free of charge. Payments can be made through PayPal, master card, VISA and many more options.

You can find out your ring size from the page here and also it provides 30 day return policy. If you’re not satisfied with your ring, you can return back and get your money.

Tweet Rings – Enjoy Valentine’s day

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  1. Naren Dran says:

    wow superb ring thanks for posting this….

  2. heps says:

    ahhh waitin for mine :-w

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