Preview iTunes App Store Information on Twitter, Direct links to Purchase and Download Apps


Previously Twitter has integrated Apple iTunes ping services on their website, so that people can preview songs before opening iTunes. Similar to that, twitter now has integrated the Apple’s iTunes store on their web interface. You can simply preview the app store information when some one has tweeted the iTunes app store link on the tweet. Only the iOS app store link can be previewed and not mac apps store or any other stuff.

This iTunes app store integration on Twitter can be only viewed on the new web interface and not on old twitter interface or any third party apps, clients nor their official twitter clients. When some one tweets the apps store link, then you can start seeing direct links to purchase and download apps from Apple‘s App Store.

This will help you know about what you’re clicking on before you click it. To see the preview, make sure you click on the tweet and not the link in the tweet.

Thanks for the tip tipb

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