Photoshop type Online Image Editor with Sumo Paint


On the past, we had reviewed hell lot of image editor apps. Number of online image editor apps as well as free desktop image editor softwares. Adding to the list of online image editing apps, Sumo Paint is one of the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop kind of stuff with lot of tools and options to play with.

Sumo Paint is an simple free online image editor and one of the best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop with lot of tools and completely works online and no softwares required to install on computer. You can simply hit the browser, open Sumo Paint, no registration required, upload the image and edit with classic traditional Photoshop style.

Once you’re into, you can simply ‘Open Sumo Paint’ option on the top bar. Sumo Paint opens in a new window, you can create a new image as we do in Photoshop or even upload an image from your computer, directly from the web etc. You have lot of options like layer, duplicate layer, layer effects, 3D effects, light effects, blur options, sharpen, texture and most of the tools you find in your Photoshop.

Use Sumo Paint – Free Online image editor

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