Pause, Resume Files, Copy Files Fast in Windows


The default provision for copy, pasting files in Windows is not so excellent, but we can manage with it. For extraordinary users who expect some thing beyond the default option provided by Microsoft, there are always third party tools on the web. One such tool for copy pasting files with resume, pause support is named ‘Ultra Copier’

UltraCopier for Windows allows you to copy files faster with pause and resume support. It is totally customizable with plugins and skins and also works on all Hard drive, usb key, cdroms, etc. Compatible with all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Ultracopier is faster than a lot of default system tools. It provides many advanced features: Starting/resuming the copy process, speed limitation, searching in the copy list, etc. Also it gives detailed information about the error and suggests several methods to treat it.

UltraCopier has multiple options for managing file collisions such as always overwrite, overwrite if newer, etc. It provides information about source and destination.

Download UltraCopier

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  1. Naren Dran says:

    today only i download teracopy software its also working fyn to copying file…

  2. I hope this one is free and TRULY copies faster than its other counter parts like FastCopy.

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