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How many of you have the habit of writing your personal journal ? whether it may be offline in a notebook or using a online diary software. It always gives you a pleasure when you read back those moments passed by. Here is an online tool that allows you to easily write your life story, your daily moments that you can register, finally it acts as a personal online journal, that only you can see your entries.

Oh Life is a simple and easiest way to write your life story, it may be called as a online dairy journal. It completely works through Email. You don’t have to enter any website for writing your diary, because there are chances that you may forget. But one can never forget to check their emails daily. So this app works through Email.

Once you’ve signed up with OhLife, it emails you every day with a question “How’d your day go?”, and you reply to that email with how your day went will be stored in the OhLife page. So that when ever you feel like reading your older entries, you can hit the address – .

You can simply write anything from just one sentance to lengthy paragraphs. OhLife account is completely private, Only you can access and read your entries. You can also set the time for email from OhLife, so that every night 10 pm before you go to sleep, you can check the email and reply it. You can edit the time from the settings. If you can’t write daily, then set the email to Weekly, so that you can summarize the whole week in just one email.

If you want to attach a photo to the post, you can attach the photo to the email when you reply, so that it get saved with your entry. Life is full of moments and experiences that we eventually forget. OhLife helps you capture these memories, so you can remember what you were up to weeks or months ago.

OhLife – Your Online Personal Journal.

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  1. Nice one.. i was writing in offline software.. this makes me more comfortable.. “:) thanks for share machi

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