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Previously we had reviewed alot of third party twitter clients such as MetroTwit, Spaz, Multwiple, Social visorTweetdeck and lot more. Adding to the list of twitter clients, newly launched Twitilla is a web based twitter client that supports many features. If you’re a default twitter web lover, check out this post which talks about ‘5 Reasons to use Twitter Web Interface‘.

Twitilla is yet another twitter client to manage your followers and find out your twitter statistics. Apart from this, it works similar to other twitter clients such as updating status, sending twitter direct messages, managing follow and unfollow twitterers and many more.

Once you’ve logged into Twitilla, it uses oAuth for logging in, so you don’t have to provide any username or password. Just login to twitter and use twitilla to connect via authorization. Now on the Twitilla homepage, you can see your home tab, direct messages, followers list, following list and @ replies mention column.

As I have already said, Twitilla provides an inbuilt twitter statistics where it tells you about your Klout score, your twitter rate limit etc. It also provides management tools for followers, following, friends, direct messages, tweets settings, statistics.

Also Twitilla has an inbuilt Twalk, twalk is an service that helps you to read the tweet out loud. So on beside every tweet which has an reply, retweet button, Twitilla provides an twalk button to hear the tweet.

On the Twitilla home page, you have the navigation bar where it gives you the option to check the settings, compose a tweet, check your friends tweets, activity charts, credit balance and many more features. It automatically shorten URL’s when you compose a tweet.

You can also filter out unwanted friends and followers. Select a filter to run, Twitilla will then display any friends or followers that are triggered by the filter. You can then decide to follow or unfollow those Twitterers. By default it filters out tweets which has word ‘mafia wars’ ‘farmville’ etc.

Try out Twitilla – Managing Twitter made easy

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