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We have already discussed alot about domain availability checker tools such as Blungr, Bustaname, PCnames and several other domain checker apps. One more tool that allows you to check whether if the domain name is available for purchase through an online tool named ‘Domize’.

Domize is an instant domain check availability tool that allows you to check different types of domains and it yeilds the search results as when you type, thats why it is called Instant domain checker. You can also disable this option from the panel and also include several other things such as showing results for other TLD’s like .mobi, .co, .nl and many more.

You can selec the default domain registrar so that it could be easy for you to purchase the domain name. I always choose Namecheap as my domain registrar, want to know why ? Check out the 5 reasons why I choose Namecheap as my domain registrar ?

If you want to save a domain name for later reference, you can star them into sep. category named ‘Starred’ and you can check out it later. Domains you have starred are stored privately in your browser as a cookie. Neither Domize nor any other party has knowledge of which domain names you have saved.

Domize – Instant Domain Search

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  1. thanks da..its comes handy for search for new domains :)

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