Import iTunes, Playlist into Grooveshark with Groovylists


We have seen quite few tools to download and manage Grooveshark mp3 songs. For people who wonder what is Grooveshark, let me tell you. Grooveshark is an free online internet radio and music website where you can listen to any music album and also search for music with artists name, album name and many more. You can create your own playlists etc. One of the best online music streaming website that has cool interface and many options such as you can share tweet, facebook the song you’re listening to etc. Other alternatives to Grooveshark are LastFM, Spotify and iTunes.

You may have an account in LastFM, Spotify or iTunes and for regular music listening you could have customized the songs and added to the playlists which you’ve created, so this app lets you to export the playlists from LastFM or spotify or iTunes and import them into Grooveshark without any hassle. Simply import your playlists into Grooveshark with Groovylists.

Groovylists is a simple free application that takes your playlist from Spotify, LastFM or exported iTunes XML Playlists and add them to Grooveshark. Currently, it has a limit of 200 songs per playlist, but if you want to add more, you can split the playlist into serveral smaller files and add them individually.

Just select the service such as LastFM, Spotify, enter your username, select the playlists and import them into Grooveshark. If you’re importing from iTunes playlists, then export the iTunes playlists into XML file and import the xml playlist file in Groovylists app.

Try Groovylists – Import LastFM, Spotify Playlists into Grooveshark

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