How to Post audio on Facebook and Twitter ?


Uploading and sharing your own music on Facebook and twitter is made so easy with apps such as Feeder and other web services. We had also talked about 12 online tools to share music on twitter. One more adding to the list is ‘Cinchcast’ that allows you to post audio on Facebook and twitter. Most of the online music portals has a share button that allows you to share what you’re listening on Facebook and also on twitter, but if you want to upload your own music and share them with your Facebook and twitter friends, this is the right service.

Cinchcast is an simple online tool that allows you to post your own audio on Facebook and twitter using their simple web app. You can simply use your Facebook or twitter account to login, else you can sign up with them for free and sync your Facebook and twitter account later by entering into the dashboard.

Cinchcast, you can record your audio using the link which is given at the top right hand side of the app once you’ve logged into Cinchcast. Start the recording and stop it. Now you can tweet and facebook share the audio using the Cinchcast.

Cinchcast also provides you a unique URL based on your username where you can use the unique Cinchast address to showcase your audio archives.

Try out Cinchcast

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  1. Scott says:

    Try microcast iPhone app from apple app store hypo:// let’s you record from iPhone and easily post to twitter and facebook

  2. you can also use twitio to record your thoughts and upload to twitter

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