How to Find Who Deleted me on Facebook ?


We have already discussed about a simple addon that will help you to Find out who has unfriended you on Facebook. Now a similar web app has come out to find out who deleted you on Facebook. It will feel kind of hurting to know that your friends have deleted you on Facebook, but then you can find your real friends from using this app.

Who deleted me on Facebook is a simple app that allows you to find out who deleted you from the Facebook friends list. You might wondered why the number of your friends has changed suddenly, You may want to know who deleted you? Use ‘who deleted me’!

The app keep tracks of your friendships and anytime something changes, it sends you an email so you can check who did what. Cool isn’t it ? Once you’ve logged into the app using your Facebook authorization, you can check out the stuff. It doesn’t show the previous records of people who have deleted you, from the time you’ve used this app, it will take a record of happenings in your profile.

You will get email notification, if you have deleted some one from your friends list, if your friend has deleted you or If your friend has de-activated their Facebook account.

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Who Deleted Me on Facebook ?

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  1. Yet another nice app. You always seem to be on your toes discovering the good ones aren’t you?

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