How to Enable and Use Auto Fill Forms in Google Chrome


If you’ve used Internet Explorer Auto Fill Forms feature that fills out all the forms on the internet web pages automatically. You don’t have to enter the details everytime. On many registration forms, you have general details such as Name, phone number, address, occupation details and many more. So these kind of stuff can be filled out once and can be reused every time to fill out the forms using the Auto Fill forms feature present on the browser.

How to Enable Auto Fill Forms in Chrome ?

Open Chrome.

Click on “tools”

Click “Options”

Go to Personal Stuff tab.

Click “Auto Fill Options”.

Check “Enable AutoFill forms on the top”

Click on “Add Address” to fill out the required information and click “Save”.

Click on “Add Credit Card” and fill out the required information and click “Save”.

This feature helps you to save time when ever any registration form or forms on the internet ask you to fill up the details. You can simply click the autofill feature and it will fill up. Great time saver.

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  1. Ken says:

    It doesn’t auto-fill credit card info for me, even after I’ve added the number to my Personal Stuff.

  2. Thanks for info. Do you know any extension that can use more profiles ?

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