How to Edit a Webpage on Opera with WYSIWYG editor ?


The Opera version 11.01 has the ability to install and manage the extensions. Similar to Firefox extension gallery and Chrome extension panel, you have Opera extensions too. Today we have one fun extension that allows you to edit any web page as you like on Opera browser. The extension provides you a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, so that you can edit the webpage as you want.

Edit the Page extension for Opera, allows you to edit page like a WYSIWYG editor. Toggles the ‘Design Mode’ so that you can edit the contents of the page. It adds only the fun element and nothing useful in my opinion.

One of the best extension to play pranks on your friends. Say for example, edit the website/web page as you wish and make a prank by telling them that you’ve hacked the website, lol..

All you need to have is the latest version of Opera browser v 11.01. Once you’ve that, you can directly go to the extension page and install it. Once you’ve done, you can see the ON/OFF button on the right side corner of the address bar where it allows you to switch between.

Download Edit the Page extension for Opera

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  1. You can also edit a web page by viewing the page source, making your changes and hitting the apply changes button. That’s how I do it ;-)

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