Grooveshark extension for Chrome with SharkZapper


Already we had talked about downloading Grooveshark mp3 songs using a free tool named ‘Grooveshark downloader‘ and also discussed about the Grooveshark remote control from mobile phone. Now we have something to control from your chrome browser. Yes, you can control your grooveshark songs from your chrome browser with single click without getting your work distrubed.

SharkZapper for Grooveshark allows you to control the Grooveshark player from a corner of your chrome browser with single click without your work getting distrubed by everytime opening the grooveshark tab to control the songs and playlists.

Once you’ve installed the extension, simply get the controls on the address bar and you can play, pause, next, previous, favorite, add to library, displaying song name, artists, controlling volume, in-built search, and live notifications.

Download SharkZapper for Chrome

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