Google Chrome Website Launcher with Single Keystroke or Hotkeys


Do you have a set of websites which you visit regularly ? and visiting them by typing the specific URL is again a long boring task and time consuming. To avoid this, we do have bookmarks. But again here is a add-on that does the work even more faster and simpler than the bookmarks. You can launch your favorite websites in Chrome with single keystroke or using hotkeys. Just by pressing any letter, you can open a website in Google chrome browser.

Sitelauncher extension for Google chrome offers you a super fast, slick and clutter-free method to open sites that you regularly need access to. Simply press Ctrl + Space from any webpage to invoke the Launcher. This will save time with one tap access to your most-important bookmarks.

Once you’ve installed this extension, just tap Ctrl+space bar, you will get the box to manage the options for various sites and you can also go to Extension options to set the hotkeys for various websites.

Once you’ve done with the options, you can start using it by simply tapping Ctrl+space bar to launch the panel and hitting the hotkey will let you to visit that specific website.

Download Chrome SiteLauncher

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  1. This is a pluging which useful for bloggers to easily remember the URL’s of fellow bloggers to place comments…

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