Get Notified When you’re included in Twitter list with ListNotify


As we all know that twitter has become an awesome place to keep up with the latest information about tech, gadgets and what ever may be the niche. You can get updated yourself before it comes in the news paper or television channels. One feature that helps you to separate twitter people into various categories in the Twitter list feature, where you can lists tweeps based on the interests. So that it could be easy for you to catch up with the updates.

Well, ListNotify is an simple application that alerts you when other users add you into their twitter lists. @ListNotify notifies you when you’ve been added to a Twitter list.

This application warns us through a direct message or by a normal tweet. Again this will expose the level of popularity on twitter. Especially when there is a new listings where we are mentioned. But, Note : People may get annoyed with this because if you’re going viral popular on twitter and people lists you, then the application will tweet excessively.


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