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Previously we had covered alot of image editing tools for resizing, cropping, color correction, color management, removing objects from the image and many more photo editing tasks. One more excellent image editing software to add into the list is Softcolor’s “PhotoEQ”.

PhotoEQ is a image editing software that allows you to edit your photos quickly and easily. You can be a professional photo editor in few seconds with PhotoEQ. PhotoEQ makes color correction, image editing and color management tasks simpler. Just drag and drop image files or folders to PhotoEQ and you are ready to start improving your images. PhotoEQ’s todo queue helps you to organize and complete image editing tasks without any hassle. You can process files one by one or just batch process all with single click.

If you’re into white balance, exposure and contrast problems, PhotoEQ is one stop solution for all the image editing tasks. It simplifies the work with its one click solution. It can also convert from RGB to CMYK. Once you’re done with the editing, you can save the processed images to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and PSD files.

PhotoEQ also features layer based processing gives you full freedom adjust processing results as you want. You can select which processing layers you want to use with your images.

Features of SoftColor PhotoEQ :

  • Simple to Use
  • Color correction
  • Image Editing
  • Color Management
  • Layer Based Processing
  • Tweakable
  • Todo Queue
  • Batch Processing
  • Support for Multiple Formats

Download Softcolor PhotoEQ – Image Editing Software

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  1. rama says:

    Now i can edit my photos more quickly and easier with PhotoEQ…thanks for sharing this..

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