Free Download iolo System Mechanic 10 Serial License Key Full Version [Giveaway]


Hi Everyone, We have hosted a giveaway for the latest version of System mechanic. Go to this link to find the post and participate to win.

System Mechanic is the #1 bestselling PC tune-up software that promises a zippy and error-free PC. System Mechanic has recently won the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award. Some of the major issues people face in their PC such as slow start up, Mysterious errors, crashes and restarts, sluggish internet and download speeds, Trouble loading songs, videos and programs. Most of the common PC problems and some advanced troubleshooting can be done with iolo System Mechanic. It brings your PC to maximum performance.

The one click Repair all feature in System Mechanic helps you to fix issues such as errors, crashes and freezes, Boosts internet speeds, Speeds up Windows start time, Restores system stability, Cleans out clutter and junk files, Prevents slowdowns and bottlenecks, Plugs security holes, Clears out private data, Improves gaming experience.

Overall System Mechanic offers one click repair, All in one Solution with power tools, Automated maintenance. Some advanced control for power systems such as More than 200 critical tests and 50+ features, System performance tools for advanced “under the hood” configurations, also provides statistics for troubleshooting and performance-tracking.

The new System Mechanic 10 has some excellent features to boost up your PC performance such as Program accelerator, CRUDD Remover, Whole Home licensing, Internet connection repair, drive accelerator, Active care, tuneup definitions and Power tools.

The main 3 features of System Mechanic 10 :

Whole Home Licensing: Gone is the 3 PC limit, now each license is valid on all PCs in your home. As households increasingly own more than 3 PCs, iolo is the first software company to offer a Whole Home License model.

Program Accelerator: Interdependent files that make up a program, initially aligned perfectly on a new PC, tend to drift apart with use and become scattered across the hard drive, impacting the speed at which programs launch and run. Program Accelerator uses patent-pending calibration technology to realign programs for the fastest possible access, quicker launching and more responsive performance. This is the first and only tool of its kind.

CRUDD Remover: An intelligent redundant software detection tool that detects and displays the redundant programs installed on a PC, rating their impact on performance and stability, and letting the user decide which ones to keep or remove.

It just requires 25 mb of free space in your system. The free trail that is provided on iolo page only functional for 30 days, to avail the full features, you must go for full version of System mechanic which costs 40$.

Exclusively for the readers of Madras Geek, We have 10 Full version License keys of iolo System Mechanic 10. All you need to do is, Just ReTweet/FaceBook Share this post and leave your entry in the comments section. Don’t forget to comment, because only if you comment with your entry, you are eligible to this contest.

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    Free Download iolo System Mechanic 10 Serial License Key Full Version [Giveaway]
    System Mechanic is the #1 bestselling PC tune-up software that promises a zippy and error-free PC. System Mechanic has recently won the PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award. Some of the major issues people face in their PC such as slow start up, Mysterious errors, crashes and restarts, sluggish interne

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