Find out your hostname, UserAgent and IP address with What Is My IP


Ever wanted to find out your IP address to share with some one, getting your IP address with in seconds can be done with this Opera extension named ‘What is my IP” that tells your hostname, user agent and public IP address. It is very useful for those who share services via IP and need to know your address as soon as possible..

What Is My IP extension for Opera allows you to find out your public IP, your hostname and your UserAgent. Nothing great it does, but it can be useful at times when you need them quickly, you can get it by clicking the icon on the address bar.

Once you’ve installed the extension, a small icon sits at the corner of the address bar. When you click it, it shows your public IP, and when you click more link, it will display the hostname and useragent information.

Download What Is My IP extension for Opera

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  1. Nice tool. No need to log into any more ;-)

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