Filter Tweets Real time based on Geographic Location with ChirpCity


In Twitter, you can catch up with local trends search where you can find what people talk about in particular location, but it doesn’t show all the locations and its specific only to certain locations and also you can find using the hashtag of your location. Here is a nice third party tool that can show real time tweets based on the any geographic location you choose.

ChripCity is an web app that displays local tweets in real time based on the geographic location which you set. It has almost all the countries, states and cities listed on their database. All you need to do is, just pick up the one which you’re looking out for and then get the real time tweets from people based on your geographic location.

For example, this link will filter the tweets based on my location > India > Tamilnadu > Chennai, so that I can catch up with the information and people around my location. You can also restrict the location by mentioning the distance radius in Kms.

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