Export Delicious To Google Bookmarks Official tool launched


Google has launched their Official migration tool to export all delicious bookmarks and import them into Google bookmarks. Previously We had discussed about How to backup delicious bookmarks, and also 6 Alternatives to Delicious, now Google bookmarks has officially launched the export tool to export bookmarks from your delicious account to your Google bookmarks account.

So basically what makes to Google to offer this migration tool is that, recently Yahoo admitted that they are closing down the delicious service and looking out for buyers. So this made many other social bookmarking service to offer their own migration tool to export from delicious to their own service.

If you’re not interested in continuing your social bookmarking service with Delicious, Google is offering Delicious to Google bookmarks Official tool that helps you import your Delicious bookmarks to Google Bookmarks. If you’re using your delicious account with your Yahoo account, then you can simply use their oAuth method to import the process, else you need to separately use delicious credentials to import them.

Your Delicious credentials will not be stored or used after this import process is complete. Any data you have stored in Delicious will not be edited or deleted by this import process.

Delicious to Google Bookmarks Official Tool

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