Expand YouTube Videos to Full Screen with Window Expander For YouTube


There is a default option to expand the YouTube video in full screen, but it has some disadvantages when you’re using dual monitor setup or multi monitor setups. So here comes the Window Expander for YouTube extension for chrome that allows you to expand youtube videos to full screen.

Window Expander for YouTube allows you to expand YouTube videos to full screen. As have already mentioned, the default options doesn’t expand into full screen. It simply fills the browser window. If you’re using a dual monitor setup or multiple monitors connected to single PC, then you can use this extension to view the YouTube video in full screen.

It eliminates all white space and other texts and gives you option to set a preferred quality level for YouTube Videos. The options include small, medium, large, 720p, and 1080p.

Once you’ve installed the extension, it sits as a small icon in the address bar and when ever you watch a YouTube video, just click the icon to expand the window and also you can use the same icon to shrink the window.

Download Window Expander For YouTube

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