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Already we had talked about pushing your blogposts from RSS to Twitter using Google’s feedburner socialize option. So similar to that there are many services such as twitterfeed (the one i’m using for publishing my blog post to twitter automatically). Today we have another dlvr.it (You publish, we deliver it) is the motto.

Dlvr.it is a simple web service that allows you to publish your blog posts automatically to twitter and facebook. Its one simple cool app that reduces your work of sharing your blog articles on twitter and Facebook. As you all know, twitter and facebook are the two major places nowadays where people spend most of their time. So sharing it to your friends on twitter and facebook can be completely automated using this app. Once you hit the publish button, it simply shares the post title + link to your blog article on your twitter profile and facebook account.

Dlvr.it gives you a complete control over the process where you can customize it. All you need is, just simply sign up with Dlvr.it and then enter your blog RSS feed URL into the box and select the service you want to publish the blog posts automatically. It has several options like, you can choose to publish automatically on twitter, facebook, myspace, tumblr etc. Just select the service, authorize with your accounts and that’s it. You’re done.

Check out Dlvr.it

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