Disable, turn off notification ballon in Windows 7


Previously we had seen how to disable libraries in Windows 7, now one more irritation is these notification ballons on Windows machine, take it Win XP, Vista or Win7. You get these notification ballon often for different alerts, but there is an option to disable it specifically, but if you want to disable totally, then one simple registry hack can do the job. The guys at How to Geek had created a registry script that can disable all the notification ballons on Vista and Windows 7.

Disabling the notification ballon on Windows 7 is so easy with this registry script. Simply download the script and double click on the DisableNotificationBalloons.reg file to enter the information into the registry.

If you want to enable it back, then there is also a file to do so. You can simply click that file to enable the changes.

Download Disable Notification ballon registry hack script

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