Chrome App Launcher Shortcut button to launch Chrome apps


When Chrome released their web app store, we told you about how to install and uninstall chrome web app from the webstore, again we discussed about the chrome web app launcher from the right click context menu that lets you to easily open a chrome web app with out going to the new tab page. Now, here is one more chrome app launcher that sits in the address bar.

Chrome App Launcher is a simple extension for chrome that sits as a small icon on the browser address bar. when you click on it you get a list of your installed apps. From there, you can launch an app by either clicking on it in the list, or using arrow keys to select it and then pressing enter. It also does search as you type.

The search functionality which is integrated in this app is a great feature that allows you to quickly search for installed web apps from the chrome store. Also you don’t need to open a new tab every time to launch a chrome web app. Just click the extension icon and select the app to open.

Download Chrome App Launcher

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  1. This is pretty sweet I hadn’t seen this Chrome extension to handle apps yet, this will come in handy.

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