Block Sites from Google Search Results with Personal Blocklist Chrome Extension


Google has been working on their search algorithm to remove content farms. What is a Content Farm ? Content Farms are companies or websites that hire cheap freelancers for writing lot of long tail keyword contents and their main aim is to generate income and there by not providing some quality over the content. The content will be of low quality and they just target the keywords & automated search engines. You can read this post on explicitly about content farms. These content farms are basically not good for search engines which affect the user finally. Suppose if a user searches for something, then these low quality or not related article pops up in the search results and there by doesn’t provide any value to the user who searches. So Google being the leader in Search engine, been working on to remove these content farms from search results and also wants us to give them feedback about these content farms just by using the chrome extension named ‘Personal Blocklist’

The Personal Blocklist extension for Google Chrome allows you to block sites from Google search results. Once the extension is installed, it sends them the blocked site information to Google, and they will study the resulting feedback and explore using it as a potential ranking signal for the search results.

When you block a site with the extension, you won’t see results from that domain again in your Google search results. You can always revoke a blocked site at the bottom of the search results, so it’s easy to undo blocks.

You can also see the list of blocked sites using the extension’s options panel. Once you’ve installed the extension, you will the option to block sites below the search results of each link.

Download Personal Blocklist extension for Chrome via Google blog

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